Let the time quietly flowing

Is should write something, but can't write. Don't write doesn't mean no thinking, no opinions, no joys and sorrows, don't write may need to go beyond, beyond words.

A life without a catharsis of export, it is a terrible thing, the export of more terrible is your anger was chocked up with living.

That is not necessarily a good thing, afraid is afraid think they understand, Dream beauty pro it is confused.

Confused is the high level, high job in carrying understand playing dumb.

And I, but not more than two, but it is a real fool.

Confused to face the life of happiness but not happy, silly to increasingly lost on my way to find their own.

Get all the way seems to be too easy, so feel so precious.

But can not find, and want to hold.

Life should be simple, happy, simple.

But I was with my dull brain clouding the simple life, the happy mood melancholy, the pure render with melancholy, Dream beauty pro seemed cheerful appearance bottoms with a heart lock and heavy, heavy to alone with yourself, can't breathe.

However, I am unable to change all this, perhaps by nature. Character determines the fate, it seems, is justified. I recognize the all.

Today is the day of the university entrance exam, always inexplicable sad on this day, like lingering pain stamp in mind. Don't think that's a good thing, Dream beauty pro think it is a sad thing.

Fortunately I survived it all, don't have to do a so crazy, at least, is anxious parents, write here, have to thank god for the gift of gifts to give me as a filial child, I don't need to bear that burden.

Each time, the heart is sad erosion, fortunately, a word can comfort me, it is the best lover, best girlfriends, and is the closest hand, repeatedly touched my some not moan, it knows that, even after the preface don't take language, even if the contradiction, even if nonsense, as long as I want to return to the sunshine smile of happiness, Dream beauty pro it can comb I slowly, until I looked up from the clouds to see the blue sky again, until I looked down to see long your shadow behind.

I enjoy this moment, I know, each beam of light will have a shadow behind, even if I can is the sun, the shadow behind don't avoid, have bright dark life is full of life.

At the moment, I just want to like the water lily, quietly as time flowed a little while.

To meet the glorious and brilliant life

Dream is light, the dream is a star, light up sailing in the ocean. Dream is the sail, dreams are the wind, warm hard exploration of the road; Dream is a flag, is the soul, the dream is life the spirit of praise. Dream is you, is my dream, set the power of the national rejuvenation. Not afraid of a long way to go before, the dream always in my heart, good dream come true, if you have a dream, it is possible.

Cherished a dream, in my heart, a hope, in the dream. Living life, always tortuous difficult to face this or that, if you have a dream, it is possible. Looking back, the moon is bright, appearance is still can, don't be sad, again difficult also don't hesitate. Bend down low eaves, bent over, picking up the fragments of a dream, continue to splice. Like childhood game, with a smile and bright; Good dream come true, if you have a dream, it is possible.

If you have a dream, it is possible, it's the dawn of the dawn. You see, through layer upon layer of clouds at dawn, from zhaohui its brightest in the sky, the sun always smile, instantaneous painted colorful sky, the Oriental dyed a golden yellow. Eyes in the morning, we will be crystal clear dew of scattered, every tree and grass to a sun, yi yi is unripe brightness, pervaded the charming smile bright sweet and pure and fresh. Come on, pull a piece of auspicious clouds, cutting into good wishes, colorful dresses up hope, to meet the glory and magnificence of life.

If you have a dream, it is possible, that is, persistence, strong. You see, if winter comes, freeze, you spend a surging up and down the river was lost, Looked up, the cliff of the tall pines, one thousand still tall and straight; Maybe it slightly bent down to the weight of snow and ice, and branches hung with is strong, the tree of his person, ying, sun color well, especially enchanting. It patiently waiting for hope, a beautiful season of spring came. Come on, it shook hands with him, he borrow a bit of will, the hopes deck into surrender and strong, looking forward to the happiness of life today.

If you have a dream, it is possible, all the year round is the scenery. Spring come, crow dance warbler yan, water mountain; Eyeful march red, look up mountains green; The fallen petal to from time to tome, with flowing water; Knows the east wind, and go in boom always close feeling. The summer solstice, the south wind leisurely, lotus leaf tiantian; The banana rain, acacia west window; Ahead in the galaxy, he sat watching petunia vega. Autumn, composed rich, warm natural, concise and lively, Dream beauty pro delicate and coordination, like a mature woman, though there is a worry, layer cascade folds are reading different amorous feelings. In the winter, the cold made the firmament, sunray AnLiu bud; Glittering and translucent get rid of the world, everywhere is the plum blossom brilliant smile; Big wind and rain send spring, families always put new peach in old character. Come on, open the skirt, let the poetic flow into the heart, hope warmth into, the sprint dreams come true in the future.

Life is a beautiful yearning, a dream there is hope. Good on the Internet there is a saying "a lot of things are not see hope to work hard, but hard to see the hope. Recovery and a seed and the autumn harvest star seeds. Seeds in the spring of life, Dream beauty pro let us dream, hard work, looking forward to it out of the beautiful flowers, let the happiness of the branches with fruits.

Dream is light, the dream is a star, light up sailing in the ocean. Dream is the sail, dreams are the wind, warm hard exploration of the road; Dream is a flag, is the soul, the dream is life the spirit of praise. Dream is you, is my dream, set the power of the national rejuvenation. Not afraid of a long way to go before, the dream always in my heart ripples, Dream beauty pro hard sell dream come true, if you have a dream, it is possible... !

Don't let go

Insipid life may bury love in the bottom of my heart, is easy to be ignored. When the survival comes, however, to save you, is the love which you ignore.

Ya ya is an ordinary little girl in the poor mountainous areas, father to livelihoods perennial work, at home only brother, mother, HKUE amec and she lived alone.

Life is very dull, twinkling of an eye, it's old elder brother go to school, mother send elder brother go to school, but leave her at home. Ya ya doubt mother not in love with her. Otherwise, why not let her go to school but also to keep their help to do the housework at home.

Days from day to day in the past, ya ya watched every child go to school in the village, only she stay at home alone, she asked her mother, why not let her go to school, mother said not enough money for two tuition, wait to earn enough money to send her to school. In this way, the resentment of ya ya mother also gradually increased, with the eccentricity of the mother, also ignore the mother. Sometimes, the mother called her to do household chores, she pretended to hear, ran to the door for her young trees play.

Young trees was born in the ya ya, dad in front of the door and say for her growth. Young trees and elegant is the same age, is also the father gave her the only gift. Young trees ya ya very cherish and care, young trees grow very well, leaves are flourishing. From day to day, silent, often sitting near the tree and the sapling chat Dream beauty pro, speak their mind, to vent their emotions, softly sobbing.

One evening, ya ya feeding livestock in the courtyard, occasionally looked up and saw a pair of black before the village of corrugated poured in to the village, she shout loudly: "mom, you see what's that?" Not for a moment, the ripples have spread instantly. Peng, it broke through the front of the fence. Ya ya was scared, crying, surrounded by a water ya ya, the mother brought her hold, and strive to put the two presidents to the front of the young trees. At this time, the water becomes urgent, mother looked at, they hold up, let her to climb to the top of the tree to safety, survival instinct let ya ya quickly caught the trunk, and social climbers, and slowly climbed to the tree didn't stop in the middle. Floods are rising, ya ya hurry called mother also climbed up the tree and mother know, young trees that can't bear the weight of the two people, and mother has been unable to when lift ya ya.

In the jet stream, small trees in the shaking, the water also flooded to the mother's waist, mother looked at the little tree deeply ya ya, eyes reveal a deep emotion, then told ya ya: "ya ya, the water is very urgent, anyway, don't ever let go, clutched the trunk." Say that finish, I let the holding hands. In turbulent flow, instantly, bury the figure of the mother. Ya ya also have no reaction to what's going on, the mother was gone, and cried in horror, the mother, mother's response.

Water continued to rise, and flooding to the feet of the ya ya, ya ya was afraid, and tired hungry. Ya ya hands clutched the trunk, never let go Dream beauty pro, because she still remember my mother said to her at the end of the sentence "don't let go.

The next day, a vast expanse of water in the village, rescue workers found a tree ya ya, just to rescue her down. When rescuers picked her up, hand still clinging to the trunk. Rescue workers can only comfort while break ya ya hands slowly. Ashore, elegant and still trying to find the mother's shadow. But she doesn't know is that her mother was in search of the lost forever in the list.

Missing is not only a mother, and she doesn't have time to find love...

Time is the feelings of line

That year I also 20 you, we have the best times of life. We each other together from the great river north and south of the motherland, from meet to know each other, fell in love and to love each other, we happy spent the best youth blossom period. The time together with you always show the brief, time seems to casual and I joke about the time Dream beauty pro, you gave us is the profound love. 
That year, you set foot on the train home, I will give you to the platform. As the train slowly out of the platform, I stood there for a long time. Heart swells more and more obvious. I turned my face, trying to hide in the attachment. That's not a fragile, but a strong. This sleepless night I for a long time. You're not here with me, for the first time I know what is the real care and miss. 
Another year autumn leaves yellow, I joined the army you sent me. We respectively in the absence of the station, the moment I saw the tears in your eyes. Car engines roar of tore and pulling our together, Dream beauty pro bring us is never marginal thoughts, from then on I began to learn to write to you. The sentry, camp in March, on the bumpy XinCangXian... A then a, always remember I love and miss to you. So the spring last year after year, we use our love time with the ruthless reality, and at the same time, we use our love to prove everything. I feel very happy. 
Time may erase past dribs and drabs, time may allow the familiar people gradually become strange, HKUE ENG time will come when you least expect them in you leave the trace of time on my face. But, my heart in you that hot love became more deeper in the long river of time. 


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