The main provider of midwifery care

WOMEN WHO ARE looked after by midwives rather than by doctors are more likely to have a better experience giving birth, a major new study has found.

Women were less likely to give birth early, nuskin had fewer epidurals, fewer episiotomies and fewer assisted births when midwives were the main providers of care throughout their pregnancy and birth, according to researchers at NUI Galway who worked with 3 universities in the UK to compile the information.

Researchers also found that women were no more likely to have a Caesarean birth but were in labour for about 30 minutes longer on average.

The team reviewed cases involving more than 16,000 women and compared the outcomes when they were looked after by midwives compared to when their care was shared between different obstetricians nuskin group, GPs and midwives.

Ireland’s maternity services have changed over the past 15 years with an increase in midwife-led services but doctor-led care remains the norm. A significant report by KPMG in 2008 into maternity services in Dublin recommended the introduction of midwifery-led units close to obstetric units so that doctors would be immediately available if required.

Other countries – including Australia and the UK – have completely changed their policy so midwives now act as the main providers of care for women throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.

“This work has important policy implications and provides high quality evidence of the benefits for women and their infants of midwife-led models of care supported by multi-professional referral nu skin hong kong,” said Professor Declan Devane of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at NUI Galway.

“Other countries are using this to inform their maternity care policy and Ireland should do likewise.”

The study also found evidence that care provided by midwives was cheaper compared to shared care during labour.

The Superquinn store called SUPERVALU

SUPERQUINN SUPERMARKETS ARE to be rebranded as SuperValu from February next year in a merging of two of the biggest players in the Irish retail market nuskin hong kong.

The change was announced today by Musgrave, which owns both supermarkets. A total of 102 jobs will be lost at Superquinn’s administrative office in Lucan because of the move hong kong event photo.

The SuperValu own brand range will be sold in Superquinn once the move takes place, while Superquinn said that products the supermarket is famous for – including its much-loved sausages – will remain on sale.

The head of Musgrave said that combining the two stores under one name would create an “unrivalled Irish retail brand”.

“We understand that some customers will be sad to see the Superquinn name change Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang,” said Chris Martin, CEO of Musgrave Group. “However the decision follows a considered review of all options and is an inevitable next step given the realities of a totally changed grocery market and what the Irish consumer now needs.”

Martin said the company will try to find jobs for the 102 people whose jobs are being lost.

“We will do all that we can to help affected colleagues find positions across the Musgrave Group as well as providing out-placement support to assist them in finding alternative employment,” he said. “This decision does not impact any of the 2,500 colleagues working in Superquinn’s store network.”

Some Superquinn employees have said that they only heard about the change on social media this morning. Superquinn has used its Facebook page to defend itself, saying that the 102 members of staff who are to lose their jobs were told this morning and that other jobs will not be affected.

Musgrave said Superquinn will invest €10 million refurbishing Superquinn stores.

Pro-life groups Association of Northern Ireland

Updated 9.46pm

A MAN HAS withdrawn his application to have the High Court stop his pregnant girlfriend from travelling abroad for an abortion over fears that she was under duress from members of her family iphone Case.

The High Court heard this morning that the man had read an affidavit from the woman’s family and was satisfied.

Barrister Seamas O Tuathail acting for the man said that he has faith in what was written in the sworn statement digitizing embroidery.

The court heard that “matters will continue as at present” with the pregnancy.

Judge Mary Laffoy struck out the application in its entirety and expressed her wish that “things work out well on both sides”.

She described it as a very emotive matter.

The Northern Ireland-based anti-abortion group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is believed to have been involved in providing financial support for the case cem1 pcb.

The man told the court earlier in the week that he did not want to stop his partner from travelling for a termination if it was her own choice, but wanted to protect her if she was under duress.

The court had adjourned on Wednesday to allow the woman time to get legal advice on what to do IP Camera Manufacturer.

Help solid energy assets of $100000000 sales capital

Treasury documents showing $100 million could be used from asset sales to prop up the stricken company didn't mean that was going to happen, he said on Monday.

"Treasury is being ultra-conservative, Art Culture it's covering all the possible technical alternatives," he said.

"If we do make a payment it will be a secured loan."

The stricken state-owned coal mining company is $389m in debt and is trying to negotiate a rescue deal with Treasury and the banks it owes money to.

Labour has accused the government of not telling the truth and says it didn't previously reveal any plans to use the proceeds from the Mighty River Power sale for helping out Solid Energy.

Mr English still hasn't clearly explained why the Treasury put $100m for solid Energy in its estimates alongside previously announced spending on schools and hospitals.

"Treasury has been telling us the best way would be a secured loan, Limited company Hong Kong even though they've accounted for it as if it could be other things," he said.

Labour says the estimates were signed off by the cabinet, so ministers must have known why it was there.

"It's not the same thing as a cabinet decision to spend money," Mr English said.

"There's been a bit of over-reaction to the Treasury document."

Prime Minister John Key, who appeared to have been caught out by the Treasury document when he was questioned earlier on Monday, Asian college of knowledge management says nothing has been paid out to Solid Energy and no asset sales cash will be used.

Public confidence in the EU continue down

PRESIDENT MICHAEL D Higgins has said that if the fall in public confidence in the European Union goes unchecked it could “lead to a crisis of legitimacy and accountability and the erosion of solidarity between Member States.

Speaking at the Conference of the Committees of the National Parliaments of the European Union Member States dealing with European Affairs (COSAC), the president said that there was “no doubt” that the EU was facing profound changes, nuskin group adding that public confidence in the EU has fallen to “historically low levels”.

He said that if this trend was to continue it could lead to a crisis, adding that it was important for elected representatives to look for accountability.

He said that Europe’s citizens have been experiencing severe disappointment “in our institutions and their policy responses, particularly our banking institutions in which so many had placed their trust”. He said that there was nothing more corrosive to society and more crushing to its citizens than endemic unemployment, particularly among the young. He said:

The crisis we currently face is one caused in part by the failure of a particular system of ideas; by the failure of models of economy and society and their connection that were often invested with claims of certainty; and by the failure of policy makers and other leaders to adequately challenge prevailing assumptions and models which were regarded as unquestionable nuskin.
Higgins said that it was time to “recall the values that were central to the establishment of our Union and ensure these citizenship focused standards predominate in policy making”. He said:

Those values are set out clearly in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. They are strong and compelling values which include human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.
President Higgins concluded his speech by stating that:

We cannot allow an economic crisis caused by speculation and unregulated markets which operated in an ethical vacuum to stall the progress of humanity, nu skin hk ensuring that one billion global citizens remain consigned to lives of relentless hardship and hunger.
Europe must take its rightful place in leading the global collaboration on poverty eradication and in the fight against hunger. To abandon this responsibility would be the greatest betrayal of the promise of Europe.


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